01 – 06 Months conversation.
02 – Regular 12 Months
Up to 40 students.
Hebrew – Direct Interactive Jerusalem.
01 – 06 Months (conversation). Up to 40 students.
02 – 12 Months Regular 12 Months.
Chaplaincy Master – International Chaplain.
01 Month. Saturdays – Monday and Wednesday. (Including material, handout and credential)
Up to 60 students.
Coaching leadership – motivation groups.
Professionals in psychoanalysis area, companies and religious leaders.
01 Month. Choose days: Mondays (evening). Quintas (night). Saturday (morning).
Up to 40 students.
Urban Mission – Evangelism.
01 Month. Friday (night). Saturday (morning)
Up to 30 students.
Training Course for Wardens and doormen.
Duration – 80 hours class
Cost – $
Maid Course
Duration – 20 class hours / week for 4 weeks
Cost – $
Course Auxiliarde Consutorio Dental.
Duration – 320 hours class
Cost – 3 x $
Child Care Assistant course
Duration – 300HS class
Cost – 3 x $
Caregiver Course Elderly.
Duration – 300 class hours
Cost – 3 x $
Waiter Course
Duration – 08 hours of class.
Cost – $
Course in First Aid Home.
Duration – 08 hours class.
Cost – $
Fire Brigade Training Course.
Duration – 45 class hours.
Cost – R $ 3 x $
The Bureau Label Course
Duration – 60 hours class
Cost – $
Professionals in the area of psychoanalysis, companies and religious leaders.
FUUSA / Today:
Our undergraduate and extra courses offer professional, solid training and able to meet the needs of a national and international market need of high end professionals. Our modern curriculum and interdisciplinary, strengthens and gives students the possibility of acting in multiple areas, qualifying them for a demand for jobs that require more updated and improved training.
Qualify and ensure professionals according to international opportunities. interactive courses with practical training and class to class. We prepare all who engage in this call and aspire to managerial positions and those who wish to become entrepreneurs. Our courses aim at specialization of all who wish to update and occupy better positions in national and international labor market.
FUUSA-Florida University USA and WAI-International Accreditation
Updated on Tuesday
FUUSA-Florida University USA and WAI-International Accreditation Organization – Alliance with UK & US University and South of America region.
Attention all collaborates:
FUUSA -florida University USA and IAO has being the largest International Accreditation Organization AIMS to Facilitate its accredited members by creating alliances of accredited Institutes / Universities Globally Recognized with Universities from USA / European and South of America region.
FUUSA / IAO recently signed an MOU with some of the Universities in USA & UK and South of America region in order to create International Partnerships with Top IAO Accredited Universities.
After recommendation by the FUUSA / IAO Board of Directors & go ahead by the FUUA / IAO Corporate Relations department, I am pleased to inform you que your University / Institute is selected for International Partnership USA / European Universities and South of America region Scope / Levels of Partnership with USA & UK Universities and South of America region.
Levels of Partnership Agreements:
FUUSA / IAO will Facilitate your University / Institute for partnership with either of the University in one of university.
The program leading to the award of University credit designed and delivered by a partner but quality assured by the University.
Under this agreement, each certificate / degree by Issued your organization will lead to award of Accreditation by the University. The University will issue an Accreditation Letter for that Student Which will state the acceptance of que Degree in any University / Employer of the world.
Articulation / Progression:
An agreement between the University and the partner que the award made or delivered by que partner is Recognised by the University the leading to the award of credits of the University.
We hope through partnerships contributing countries with Portuguese language and other courses with free training and dynamic, offering the best in this market with high technology. We hope to add and bring growth in underserved areas and increased need.
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Director Julio C. Rocha – Brazil / Europe: 011 55 21 99864-1112