Aware that the internet is still a barrier that prevents some people with less computer experience, they are participating in online courses, from 2015, Our University began a classroom program with conducting follow-ups face.
So in addition to deliver online courses, all courses available on the Internet at the University site, are also offered in person at the headquarters of our international partnerships in South America and Europe, or anywhere in the world where our Executive Director it is regulating the title of individuals or legal entities interest, be interested in organizing a meeting to get a quality education in your city or country.
That’s right: You can contact our atarveis site / E-mail: or Either by an institution and as individuals, the organizer position of a group of people under our guidance online.
Learn more about our courses, and consulting services on the site and bring to his city, the ability to offer advanced training in specific areas for their beneficiaries, family members and professionals in related fields.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To train and empower leaders to serve society in various areas and functions with a view to social development in compliance with the mission of every student!