(Basic, Medium, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). We can also, in the “package” to the candidate ‘Diploma Honoris Causa “- the degree honoris causa.
These Diplomas will be a consideration to candidates who qualify by the relevant national and international theological production services that will be given to the candidate who qualify. It is an honorific title that is given to theologians and teachers, educators and motivacionistas (Coaching), anthropologists and chaplains, who stand out for the excellence of its wisdom and magnanimous demonstrated ability through its social works, theological or motivational meritorious: Lectures in circles of the highest credibility scholars, is considered an expert in humanitarian matters. Because of their extreme wisdom and competence demonstrated by the applicant.
Basic Theology
Introduction to the Old Test. I, II, III and IV
Introduction to the New Test. I, II, III and IV
History of Christianity I, II, III and IV
Christian History USA
Systematic Theology I, II, III and IV
Hermenêutica I and II
Homiletical I and II
Biblical introduction
Biblical geography
Mission Grounds
Religious Studies